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We appreciate that you ask us this. Now, in spite of the temptation to get into a neat little presentation as to why we are the best, we do that we do this so well and that we are everything, we are something you cannot do business without et all - we decided to get real and for a change we thought it would be prudent if we behaved remotely human.

So you are here looking for someone to help you get your site up there for everyone to see. If it were the real world, we could imagine you all effervescent and excited on the opening day looking at all those people walking in expectantly to see what you got to offer. Though unfortunately it isn't the same out here in the world of Internet and it takes a lot of dedication, hard work and competency, not withstanding a dogged determination, persistence and attention to detail on our part to get your site fed to the search engines by supplying with content relevant to your website, tweaking the meta-tags, altering the HTML scripts and a lot more.

If it was your brick-and-mortar place, you could judge the response just like that, seated on your lofty perch, beside the cash register. You could even be nice and say hello to some of your eager-beaver visitors. But then, again, it won't happen here. Only hard work can put you there on those Google and MSN listings. On top of everything that might seem to be dampening your spirits with respect to online marketing already, there's more - The surfers are real impatient. They can't wait to pounce on their information and you can't afford to be listed on say the 45th google listing page. You got to show up quick and you got to show up consistently at that. Now that you understand what you might be needing to get the work done, we will take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

We, at Seeknext – Internet Marketing Company / Search Engine Marketing Company, believe in tweaking the sites to rank them at the very top, across all major search engines. we feel that every project we handle has our meal tickets attached to it, along with best wishes from our clients or curses from them again, if we take chances and screw up. So we, at Seeknext, are always paranoid. We walk on our toes. We have just one chance to prove ourselves. We are in an industry that is flooded with so many SEO specialists / SEO Experts that we can't afford even thoughts about doing mistakes.

We are a team, with an experience of having handled different projects across the globe for different clients, spanning more than 9 years. We understand our clients well because we listen to their requirements instead of pitching our super plans at the word go or when the clients came calling for our SEO services. We just learned to shut up and listen. So we get it.

Our SEO plans are out there for you to pick and choose. We are basically simple people and we have been clients elsewhere so we tried to do those things that we thought our vendors should have done to us, ideally. We are transparent, we disclose all our charges and we stick to our commitments. The deadlines, the quality and the results will all show.

We look forward to have you on board on the Seeknext family and we fervently wish you all the success in your business...